Yet Another Distrohop. Or Multiple.

I have finally fell for the meme. I am now using Void Linux on my main laptop/home computer. Or at least I was for about a day and a half before I tried a bunch of ISOs I had saved on my external hard drive until something worked. In fact, I am currently writing this blog post on antiX Linux. Ignoring the "Proudly anti-fascist" part, it is a fairly decent Linux distribution.

antiX aims to be a Debian-based distro that can "revive" your old laptop or PC. In my opinion, it meets its goal. Though I in no way have "old" hardware (I'm using a Dell Inspiron laptop with 8GB of RAM and a dual-core i3 with a max clock speed of 3.9GHz), I do find that it is a good choice regardless of specs. It comes with minimal window managers such as JWM, IceWM, and FluxBox. It also pleases the systemd haters and uses sysvinit as its init system.

I'm currently customizing antiX to my liking, and hopefully soon I'll have a system that doesn't give me headaches.

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